This year I have teamed up with GB basketball coach Alan Keane; someone I have been mentoring for nearly 10 years. Alan is now offering Online Mentoring alongside myself. 

To we are talking on numerous podcasts & You Tube channels. I will upload each one as they go live.

Gary Curneen is joined by PDS Coach and Consultant, Mark Bennett, and GB Basketball coach Alan Keane, to discuss how they have worked together to create an environment and coaching style centred around the players needs.

They discuss the following:

- What is need centred & why does it influence session planning?
- How do you deal with same players always answering the questions & talking in group huddles?
- How can a coach establish if his interventions are effective?
- Why is training players in self reviewing critical within the modern game

And much more!

Modern Soccer Coach Podcast: A Conversation with Mark Bennett and Alan Keane

Way Of Champions Episode 166 - The Purpose of Coaching is NOT to Fix the Next 30 Seconds: A Conversation with Mark Bennett and Alan Keane

This week on the Way of Champions Podcast, we welcome Alan Keane and Mark Bennett, both previous guests on our podcast. We dive into the purpose of coaching, how to be a “deficit detector”, and the behaviors a coach needs to help their players become problem solvers. If you have listened to episodes #31#76, or #90, then you know you are in for a treat!

The Talent Equation - "Moving from athlete centred coaching towards 'needs centred' coaching" - a conversation with Alan Keane & Mark Bennett 

Mark Bennett from 'Performance Development Systems' and Alan Keane, Head Coach of Under 20 GB Basketball Team make a welcome return to the show to share some of their latest thinking around coaching and coach development.

The conversation centres around why they have moved away from the term 'athlete centred' or 'player centred' coaching towards 'need centred or needs led' coaching. We explore what this means, why it is important and how it is applied

5 Part Series With BBallBreakdown!

Coach Nick is the host of the BBallBreakdown. He has over 750k followers on YouTube. We have teamed up with Coach Nick to record a series of 4 discussions on the PDS way of 'Needs Centred' coaching followed by a live Q&A on week 5.

I will post the episodes as they goes go live each Thursday. Here is what coach Nick said -

"Sometimes I come across a coach who completely blows me away w/ their view on the game. Mark Bennett has developed a whole new way to communicate & run your practices, & Alan Keane coaches Great Britains U20 National team using its principles."

Episode 1: How To Take Your Team To The Next Level

Episode 2: How To Run A Practice

Episode 3: How To Focus on Process, Not Outcome

Episode 4: Teaching Players to Coach Themselves

Episode 5: Live Q&A! 

Revolutionise the Way you Communicate & Motivate

PDS in Schools too!

Part 1 - A raw & uncut discussion with Alan Keane & myself talking through some of the critical elements to establish a successful intervention with teachers, breaking down expectations & some of 'the how to' 

PDS in Schools too!

Part  2 - Are your behaviours aligned to your purpose? How your own filters might be supporting the behaviours you don’t want in others. Why are some types of coach development/mentoring hindering self-reflection & development