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Mark Bennett MBE has spent the last 30 years developing robust and scalable strategies and tools to help organisations, teams and individuals maximise the performance potential of themselves and the people they are influencing.

Mark hasn’t just developed the ‘how to’ tools and strategies to increase engagement, learning and performance; he has designed powerful interventions that support the change required to embed the behaviours and cultures that maximise performance.

He has named this holistic approach the Performance Development Systems (PDS).

A raw, open & personal interview with Mark; the experiences that influenced him from his childhood, his Military Career and the evolution of PDS

This podcast is a real insight into Mark Bennett the person as well as the coach developer and hearing how his earlier experiences have influenced and formed the development of the Performance Development System – his passion! A fascinating listen, with how to tips and through provoking ideas for parents, teachers, coaches and leaders!


Mark is a former British Commando and senior instructor within the Army Physical Training Corps who served 22 years before turning down promotion in order to leave the services and pursue his passion full time.

During his Military career Mark was the senior instructor running the commando training wing and was the first person to redesign the preparatory training to focus on developing mental robustness within soldiers to increase the pass rate on one of the toughest courses in the British Army.

He currently works as a consultant, coach trainer and mentor with various corporations, professional and national sport organizations, teams and Universities around the world, as well as Schools and community sports to help transform the leadership capabilities of every coach and teacher that he comes in contact with. Put simply, Mark makes people better “influencers”.

Over the last 3 decades Mark has worked with over 30 sports at all levels and age groups. This includes grass roots, professional and International teams, national sports organisations & Olympic coaches.

Mark had the honour of being awarded the MBE by her majesty the Queen in 2006 for his work in developing his systems.

He has been a guest on numerous podcasts sharing his concepts and practical tools to help coaches and teaches deal with many common challenges, all of which can be listened to through his twitter @PDScoach

Marks most shared quote “Performance is a behaviour not an outcome” pretty much sums up his approach to people development.

Mark has been a consultant supporting improvements in coach development content and strategies for numerous national governing bodies including UK Sport, the Rugby Football Union and England Golf.

His past and present clients include:

  • England Golf

  • University of Washington

  • Cleveland Indians Baseball

  • Oklahoma City Thunder NBA basketball

  • Basketball England

  • England Rugby

  • Rugby Football Union

  • Bath Rugby

  • Exeter University

  • Forces Wives Challenge

  • Over 25 national coaches supporting preparation for the Commonwealth Games

  • Sports Coach UK

National age group/senior coaches from –

  • Shooting

  • Womens Football

  • Netball

  • Hockey

  • Badminton

  • Canoeing

  • Athletics

  • Basketball

  • Martial Arts

  • Golf

  • Rugby


Mark is based in UK but can support any organisation/team around the World who are intent on developing a sustainable high performance culture that impacts on team performance.

Mark works at the senior elite/professional level, but has also worked with age groups in coach and player development.

Along with the common elements associated with high performance cultures, his experience and skill set impacts these critical areas -

  • Improve coaches awareness of their state under varied pressure situations (dealing with athlete conflict, in games etc) that can impact decisions and how they communicate them.

  • Increase athlete rapport/engagement and understanding/communication with other players and coaches (especially under pressure)

  • Accelerate athlete decision making and problem solving in live play

  • Increase coaches ability to influence athletes

  • Increase athlete ownership, responsibility and accountability

  • Increase athletes ability to maintain higher intensity actions while adapting to live situations (as both an individual and an interdependent team).

  • Support athletes and coaches to work through any transition of change when attempting to improve behaviours/habits (this area is often where interventions, consultants and mentors fail)


Mark has not only developed robust practical tools for coaches, he has developed a scalable coach and athlete development system that supports mentors, coaches and athletes from grass roots to senior professional teams