Live Consulting is very flexible and always designed around your individual needs; for a team, organisation, University or coach/manager. Below are some popular options, but I will always discuss your individual needs before suggesting a package.



These options show how a whole team can be supported or an individual within a team or working on their own.

This is based on primarily supporting you, but also providing some training and mentoring time to all the coaches you work with. This accelerates the behaviour changes as a team for both coaches and athletes as all coaches understand the principles and can support each other to develop the desired culture and environment.


  1. All coaches take videos on themselves coaching with sound so I can hear what is said. Coaches review video with bullet points next to the time. Video get sent to me with notes so I can review the video and the views of each coach.

  2. All coaches take the Judgement Index (JI) before my first meeting. You will all receive your results via email with a one to one chat over the phone. The chat will explain the breakdown of the results, what the mean and how you can make the most of your individual skills. This includes how you naturally interact and deal with other people.

  3. Meet all coaches for a brief overview of my involvement, support and philosophy with some basic principles training.

  4. Observe and support live coaching sessions with any requested one to ones before and after the session. Initially once a week, then moving to monthly with phone support weekly.

  5. Ongoing video reviews. Initially once a week, then moving to monthly with phone support weekly.



Same as above but only you take videos and review them. And only you takes the JI. (ONLY NUMBERS 3, 4 & 5 ABOVE)



Only 4 & 5 above



Only 5


There are plenty more options we can discuss to ensure you get maximum return on your investment.