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ONLINE COACHING Excellence FUNDAMENTALS TRAINING & SUPPORT - Far more than an online course

Through much demand I have put together an online resource sharing my PDS needs centred coaching & mentoring principles

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far more than just an online course

This online members  area will provide you with the self-awareness, coaching principles & strategies to help get the best out of yourself, your team & the people you teach, coach, mentor & manage.

It also provides robust strategies to initiate & importantly, embed the required changes to build a sustainable inclusive needs centred culture.

Building from my successful one day masterclass, I cover over 4 times more content here, with additional examples of the PDS principles in action & regular recorded Q&A updates.


All this content for 12 months for the price of a 1 day masterclass - Only £150  for a whole year membership, or you can pay £15 per month (minimum 12 months)  

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More Than Just A Course!

After over 30 years of developing the PDS coaching principles & organisational change strategies, I have finally put together an online training & support package.

This is something I have been asked to do for so many years, but struggled to put together something automated (without live interaction) that I was happy with. This started out as converting my highly regarded 1 day Masterclass onto an online format.

After many unacceptable attempts, I concluded that in order for this to provide people with the content & support they would need to be successful, this couldn’t just be an automated PDS Masterclass.

So here we are; a full year membership with over 4 times the content of a 1 day Masterclass for the same price!

What’s Included In The Members Area?

  • Over 10 hours of recorded tutorials sharing the PDS coaching principles -

    • What is needs centred coaching & where does it fit

    • How to bring it alive

    • How to keep it alive

    • How to embed change in yourself, your peers & your athletes


  • Over 25 recorded ‘real world’ examples of the principles in action (this will continue to grow)


  • Monthly updates including recorded Q&As, interviews with coaches sharing their challenges & solutions, plus additional short tutorials for different sports & scenarios

Why Have I Set The Price Low?

I have priced it to £150 UK a year to make it reachable for more people that are passionate about coaching, but can't afford the high priced courses or live support. Of course, I am self-employed & my work/passion is my income. But it has always been important to me to support all levels of coaching & not just the elite level.

So many volunteer coaches, school coaches & lower-level sports work tirelessly to make a huge difference to our communities, to use sport to positively impact people, to help impact their futures.


The PDS Coaching Excellence Fundamentals has been priced to help them be the best they can be, to have the greatest impact on the people they are influencing.

‘The greatest athlete development is coach development’

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Screenshot (1511).png
Screenshot (1514).png
Screenshot (1513).png
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Screenshot (1508).png

Breaking down all the needs centred tools, explaining how they work & how to integrate them to increase engagement, learning, decision making & interdependence

The questions at the end of each chapter help you reflect & set your own focus actions, as well as providing feedback that 

Over 25 real world recorded examples of the principles in action. This will continue to grow!

Over 35 podcasts sharing examples & experiences using the needs centred coaching approach across Business, sports & education

Monthly updates including recorded Q&As, Coach interviews & shorter  'how to' tutorials

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