The recorded session review process we work through really does give you a structured, detailed insight & awareness into how & why you coach the way you do. Plus the timed framework allows some fantastic dialogue during our discussions, which facilitates a more bespoke strategy around your own needs & goals

This is how it works -  

Record from the athletes arriving before the warm up through the whole session, including cool down.


Keep the camera running once the athletes have finished and simply talk through a “hot review”; take a couple of minutes to talk to the camera providing your review of the session and your coaching.


Then when you sit down and look through the video, take time link notes with bullet point observations. Example would be – “1 min 10 sec – players reviewed play, but talked about elements that were not critical to the session. I should have challenged them as to what the focus of the session was”


Highlight any good, not good, not sure of the answer moments.


Email me the video and your notes. I work through your video 3 times; firstly pure observation, second time stopping at each of you note markers and thirdly writing my own notes with timings.


I will write comments next to each of yours notes . This will provide content for our skype chat which is normally 2 to 3 hours.


I will email you my notes before our skype/zoom chat so you have chance to look through them.


From our discussion on skype/zoom we will agree your strategy going forward and I will share some specific principles that will assist you.

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Testimonial - John O’Sullivan, Founder and CEO Changing The Game Project

“I have been coaching for over two decades and travelling the globe with Changing the Game Project for the last five years. In that time I have met many incredible coaches, but none of them have influenced and improved my coaching the way Mark Bennett has. My work with Mark has changed the way I coach, transformed my teams, and has made a huge difference in the development of my players. If you have the chance to work with Mark, do it. It will make you a better coach, a better leader, and a transformative figure in the lives of your athletes.”