Starting my blog - early learning stage

I am going to give this blogging a shot & share my PDS journey with the aim of helping anyone with little moments that might add value, provide clarity on some common challenges & show some examples to help make sense of this crazy world of coaching. So bare with me as this is 'new learning'. Any tips or feedback would always be welcome. If there are popular questions that raise their heads I will focus on that as the weekly blog.

To help get things started; here is the first podcast I was a guest on. I had been working with & mentoring Stuart Armstrong for around 10 years. We had always had those spur of the moments conversations where he said he wished he recorded it; so this one (like pretty much all the podcasts I have been on) was simply a chat. I would be interested in any 'take homes' 'light bulb moments' or questions/challenges. Enjoy -