Our coaching courses are aimed at already qualified coaches and physical trainers who are looking to increase their understanding, learning, performance and motivation of the individuals and teams they are working with. All our courses are practitioner based and all principles have been tried and tested through all age groups in over 20 sports.

There are always opportunities to interact on the courses and we always provide live demonstrations to show the principles in action.

* The next dates for Masterclasses & Coaching Clinics are shared

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PDS  1 day Masterclass

During this Mark will guide you through the philosophy, principles and strategies to enhance your own coaching. You will see the principles in action live with players of mixed ages in an athlete/person centred environment, followed by an intervention strategy that you can use in your own environments -

  • How to introduce a new culture

  • What athlete centred actually is

  • How to adjust your own style while maintaining your authenticity

  • Getting athletes to see value in this approach

  • Maximising athlete engagement

  • Developing athletes that can adapt tactics live (showing you the answers)

  • Dealing with common barriers

  • Accelerate learning with understanding

  • Decreasing talk time in sessions

  • Why behaviours will drive performance

  • The importance of ‘scanning’

PDS  Coaching Clinic Evenings

You need to complete any PDS Masterclass before attending a Coaching Clinic.

Following many requests, we are pleased to offer our coaching clinic evenings. These 3 hour sessions follow on from the Master Classes and are delivered at PDS endorsed sites where the athlete/person centred principles have been embedded within the culture of the organisation/team.


You will be able to watch a live practice session raw; nothing set up differently, a standard weekly practice. Seeing how the coaches interact with the team, how the players own elements of the session, supporting and coaching each other. Observe how the PDS rule of 3 and the hot 1 to 1 reviews are integrated within a session –

  • Initial classroom chat talking through context and principles of a specific area with a Q&A.

  • Observe the full practice

  • Opportunity to speak to players and coaches after the session

  • Post session review with Q&A with suggested strategies to take away


We can deliver Master classes and Coaching Clinics at your location anywhere in the World. We can also adjust the subject areas for your own needs, from grass routes to full professional and international teams. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.