Below are a few diverse examples of PDS interventions supporting multiple coaches & managers.

Each intervention is bespoke & are designed around the needs of each organisation.

All these interventions have a had a positive impact on both behaviours & performance

Canterbury Tennis 

Some coach & player feedback on the impact the PDS needs centred intervention had on everyone at the club -  canterburytennisclub.co.uk


This is 2 years after the start of the intervention, showing how the behaviours & skills have embedded within the players & coaches. Notice the players recognising their improvements in awareness & managing state, not relying on coaches for reminders, supporting & accepting feedback from peers, taking more responsibility & more confidence in being able to problem solve live.

Great Britain U18 Basketball Team

Basketball coaches Alan Keane & Ian Macleod share their experience using the PDS principles & support .

This coaching team achieved the highest place finish in the history of GB

Basketball & the first team to make the knockout stages in the top flight

European Championship 2 years running.

Alan then shares his 8 year journey being mentored by Mark Bennett as a coach, teacher & mentoring other coaches -

Premiership Rugby Team Bath

Coaches from Premiership rugby team Bath discuss the challenges and impact PDS had during the 2013/14 & 2014/15 seasons. Mark Bennett worked directly with all first team coaches at the premiership club, integrating the PDS systems within the teams’ culture, planning, coaching and reviewing. During this time, Bath was the most improved team in the premiership 2 seasons running and reached the premiership final.  

Saint Ignatius Baseball Team

Some of the St Ignatius Baseball team talking about the impact PDS had with coach/player interaction during the 2018 season. The team continued to use the PDS principles during the 2019 season & went on to win the State Championship for only the second time in their history.

This is a thought provoking set of interviews taken at the end of the 2018 season. They share their own experiences, the impact it had on them, their team mates & coaches. They also reflect on the critical differences between the 2017 & 2018 season & why they are looking forward to 2019

Forces Wifes Challenge (FWC)

On 8 March 2019, a team of novice mountaineer Forces Wives summited Ojos Del Salado; the World’s highest volcano at 6893m

Heather Sharp, Director of the Forces Wives Challenge talks about the impact Mark Bennett had supporting the wives in preparation of their accent.

Evo Rugby Evo Football - Part of the Sport Eds Group

The team of at Evo coach rugby & football to a wide range of age groups in UK & Australia. Mark has been working with them over the last 12 months to integrate PDS within their own coaching practices.  Their aim is not only to developed highly motivated, skilled, self-thinking team players; but to also develop better people

Cleveland Indians Baseball

Over the last 2 years Mark has been working with Cleveland Indians to support them in developing the ‘Indians way of coaching’. This collaboration combines the technical & tactical elements with the PDS coaching principles. It supports coaches & mentors within the whole Cleveland Community to impact lives through baseball & softball.