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3 decades supporting coaches & organisations to get the best out of themselves & the people they are coaching/managing

Performance Development Systems

by Mark Bennett MBE

Over 3 decades enhancing organisations & teams ability to identifying the 'intangibles' that influence engagement, 'live' decision making, teamwork, effective communication, performance & culture at all levels globally –

  • Professional senior & international teams

  • Grassroot sports, club, County & National level

  • Academies, Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • National Sporting Organisations

  • Global Businesses

  • Military leadership & mentoring


​Not just theories; real world strategies that impact the performance of teams & organisations as well embedding the desired change -

Past & Present Clients


“Mark Bennett is professional, reliable and talented. He has the ability to inspire, motivate and connect with anyone he works with; taking their ability to a higher level to get the best results”.

Dame Kelly Holmes MBE, Double Olympic Champion

There are 3 key elements within the Performance Development Systems (PDS) –

DEVELOPING BETTER INDIVIDUAL & TEAM DECISION MAKERS - Supporting coaches & managers to enhance their ability to develop individuals & teams to make effective decisions & review them live at self & as a collective. To develop their confidence & competence to execute this unsupervised & under varied levels of pressure

ENHANCING TEAM/ORGANISATION CULTURES & ENVIRONMENTS - Cultivating the required behaviours, empathy, engagement & sustainable 'everytime' protocols to build a robust interdependent, engaging environment to maximise the performance potential of the people within any team or organisation

SUPPORTING CHANGE - Provide effective support, structures & principles to positively impact people ‘change’ in order to embed the newly acquired skills, competencies & behaviours

Any of these delivered in separation will not truly impact any team or organisation. Technical & tactical training is important, but if coaches or manager struggle to influence some individuals & teams to consistently make effective decisions, execute them with quality & intensity within competitive environments; those individuals & teams will always under perform.

Even if the training is of high quality in providing information on how to increase individuals & teams behaviours, learning & performance. The chance of someone being able to go away & embed the new learning into their own situations; to be able to adjust their own behaviours to embed new ones is very slim. Most people will regress back to their pre training habits within a few weeks. This is why having a robust support intervention to help organisations, teams & individuals through the ‘transition of change’ is not only critical; it ensures you receive a tangible return on your investment.

We know that the coaches & managers have a huge influence on cultures, environments & performance. PDS increases coaches & managers ability to influence teams & individuals within these environments.

The PDS Process

What Impact Does PDS Coaching Have on Coaches & Athletes? Canterbury Tennis Club Intervention


coaches & players sharing feedback on the impact a PDS needs centred intervention had on everyone at the club. 


This is 2 years after the start of the intervention, showing how the behaviours & skills have embedded within the players & coaches. Notice the players recognising their improvements in awareness & managing state, not relying on coaches for reminders, supporting & accepting feedback from peers, taking more responsibility & more confidence in being able to problem solve live.

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Tokyo 2020
Paralympic Gold Medal Winners

GBWR win gold 1.png

This was a Great Britain 'team' first ever wheelchair rugby Paralympic medal, a first for a European nation, & the first gold for Great Britain in a team sport in the Games’ sixty-one-year history!

"Thanks for all your input making us better coaches. We definitely view the game differently, and giving our players the power to decision make has made their performances Gold medal standard"

Rob Tarr - GBWR coach

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