filmed deliveries

Below are some filmed 'Key Note' deliveries plus some recordings of PDS in action.

These will give you a taster of the impact & the robust, common sense approach PDS brings to any delivery or intervention.


My focus here was to share my experiences, failures, learning & successful strategies to embed change within yourself, other people, teams & organisations.

'In this presentation, Mark Bennett MBE discusses how coaches can look to change their coaching outlook and environment in pursuit of their own excellence.

Mark has been coaching and mentoring teams and individuals since the early 1990s. A former British Commando, Mark was responsible for initiating structural change to the way that the commando course was set up. For over 20 years he has developed systems of effective learning and adherence to help coaches maximise the performance of their athletes.'




Recorded deliveries with some examples of PDS in action

Below are a selection of key note speaking deliveries & some examples of PDS in action. This includes -

  • Presenting different elements of the PDS coaching approach

  • GB basketball coach sharing team examples in early early stages of development

  • A United States player sharing the impact a PDS environment has made to him as a person, player & team mate 

  • Me sharing an introduction to the rule of 3 to the Cleveland community while working with Cleveland Indians

PDS in Schools

Here is myself & Alan Keane discussing a PDS intervention within a secondary school in London. The conversations were recorded during the intervention. We discuss the changes within the teachers, the challenges & the reason the PDS needs centred approach has huge benefits to both teachers & students.

PDS needs centred principles being lived within the players

Below are some recorded examples of the PDS needs centred principles alive & kicking within the players & coaches. These recordings are not rehearsed; they are clips taken from real recordings of coaching sessions. 

Here you will see -

  • Players designing their own session in only a few minutes

  • Players helping players understand the PDS rule of 3 & supporting the development of quieter players

  • A live 'hot 1to1' from a player to a coach using the PDS action & review process

  • Peers reviewing each others 'buddies work on' support after a practice session

  • Players reviewing themselves, the session & the coach, followed by the coach sharing a hot review

These behaviours & skills have been developed at evo soccer & evo rugby during one of my team interventions which include training days, 'whats app' & coach mentoring support over 6 months. This ensures the new learning is embedded within the culture. More information on my support packages here